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Tagatoo empowers people to communicate better by adding clear intent to every email.
There are 3 fundamental reasons why we start an email communication:

1. Sharing Information      2. Requesting Information      3. Requesting Action

The Power of Tagatoo is that it makes the WHY crystal clear.

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We take your security and privacy very seriously. All emails are composed, delivered and stored by Gmail™. Tagatoo does not store your emails or attachments.


No New Account
Use your existing Gmail™ account. Tagatoo adds-on to your Gmail™ account! So, no worries: no new account or password is needed. Tagatoo seamlessly plugs & plays with your existing Gmail™ or Google Apps™ account.
Qualys™ global cloud security leaders were the first to approve and use Tagatoo in their own environment. So, you can rest assured, Tagatoo has met the most rigorous security standards for privacy and security.


144 billion emails sent daily

20 work hours per week wasted on email

121 emails sent or received daily by an average employee

416 commercial emails received monthly by average user



U.S. Pat. No. 8,972,495

Tagatoo's categorization at source patented concept is the basis for its organizational and time-saving features. Tagatoo reshapes the way people craft and deliver emails, thus communication becomes more concise, more meaningful and with clear intent.

Tagatoo transforms the single send button into three specific intent tags. By putting the sender in charge, recipients can make smart decisions about what to do with an email and respond accordingly. Both senders and receivers can quickly filter through to answer email questions and keep track of important ToDo’s.

(Share Information)


Articles, Reports, News Letters, Announcements, Subscriptions, Statements, ...

(Request Information)

Quick Question

Questions, Meeting Requests, Conversations, Surveys, ...

(Request Action)

Action Request

To Dos, Projects, Assignments, Errands, Chores, Goals, Sales Targets, ...
Tag emails as an FYI, Quick Question or Action Request and turn every email into a ToDo with a clear ask and due date.
Seamlessly filter through tagged emails to prioritize and meet deadlines. When time allows, review the rest.
Quickly set an automated reminder for follow-up when asking questions or requesting action.
Social Benefit
Invite co-workers and friends to Tagatoo and bring a new social component to email communication—you’ll see a direct link between senders and receivers.
Use your existing Gmail™ or Google Apps™ account to bring Tagatoo to all your devices. Add a simple extension and download the free App.
Navigate with ease in Tagatoo’s simple and clean design. No new account or IT integration required. It’s simple to use and if you know how to send an email, you know how to Tagatoo.


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Anyone who uses Gmail™ and Google Apps™ accounts can incorporate Tagatoo into their regular email communication.
No new account or IT integration is required.

The design of Tagatoo’s email Composer is similar to a Google™ email Composer in overall format to make it simple and easy to use. The true transformation sits in the single send button. When you compose an email, instead of the single send button choose to deliver your email as an FYI, Quick Question or Action Request. Now every email you send is clear and meaningful and the person receiving knows exactly what to do and how to respond. Both senders and receivers can quickly filter through to answer email questions and keep track of important ToDo’s.

With Tagatoo every email you send has intent written all over it.


Two other great features extend the functionality of the Tagatoo email Composer. A Due Date option appears at the top of the email, under the subject line. When sending a time-sensitive email, easily add a Due Date to notify the recipient of the need for a response by a certain date. This is especially useful for Quick Question and Action Request emails! A My Reminder option appears to the right of the Due Date option. When sending a Quick Question or Action Request email, set yourself a reminder to follow up. You don’t need to remember to check with an email recipient if you don’t receive a quick response, Tagatoo will remember and remind you!

Clarify your intent by choosing one of the 3 buttons to Send: FYI, Quick Question or Action Request. Tagatoo automatically sorts by tag in the sent mailbox and inbox.
Using filters Tagatoo allows users to differentiate between tasks, quick questions, and informative emails. Empowers users to organize and handle email on their terms.
The three “Send as” buttons keep sent mail organized. Actions you request that are accepted by the recipient stay separate from the rest for easy follow-up.

Never forget asked questins or assigned tasks. When sending questions or action requests, users can set a specified Due Date, always accessible in the Due Folder.
Receive an email with an Action Request? Quickly provide feedback with Accept and Decline options.
% Done
Let the sender know your progress status on requested action.

Share information and keep teams and individuals in-the-know with a simple FYI.
Ask a question, find clarity or request information with Quick Question.
Action Request
Deliver tasks and assignments with intention via an Action Request.


Tagatoo cuts through the email noise, separating important emails from the rest. Tagatoo transforms email culture by tagging all sent emails with a hashtag representing the sender’s intent. Filtering by FYI, Question and Action Request tags organizes your mailboxes. The more people use Tagatoo, the more streamlined your email becomes! Download Tagatoo for all Gmail™ and Google Apps™ accounts on your computers and mobile devices.


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Tagatoo is a Silicon Valley based start-up dedicated to improving the way people communicate through email.
Communication in the electronic age happens through email. We collected industry experts to bring their energy and enthusiasm in order to create a community, not just a business.
We want to create a new movement in email culture.

It’s Time to Tagatoo!

At Tagatoo, we believe email communication is more effective when there is clear intent from the sender and the receiver. By placing intent at the heart of email communication, we can control email and not be controlled by it.

Everyone at Tagatoo feels passionately that email should be efficient and fun. We recognize that as email grew in popularity it outgrew its original design. Too much time is wasted on all the items in your inbox. We created Tagatoo to solve these common email problems.

Rather than develop a whole new email platform, Tagatoo offers intuitive features that complement existing email platforms. Tagatoo is available on your computer, your tablet and your phone. Tagatoo is currently optimized for Gmail™ and all Google Apps™ email accounts, but will be available on other platforms in the future. Emails through Tagatoo work with all email accounts, whether or not the account uses Tagatoo. The features are more extensive if both sender and receiver use Tagatoo but it is not required.


We’re happy to welcome you to the Tagatoo community.
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